About 7 Day Pools

Pool cleaning and maintenance service, keeping your pool balanced and crystal clear.

At 7 Day Pools we believe that your pool has many components that could affect the quality of your pool water.

We don't only focus on pool water but also how the water is being filtered, including all hardware and ancillary equipment and provide services to maintain all aspects of your pool.

  • Water chemistry
  • Algeacide treatments
  • Pool cleaners
  • Pumps, filters and pipes
  • Regular maintenance

How we handle your pool system

Keeping a pool in good working order takes constant care and in our busy lives sometimes can be neglected which could affect your pocket.

At 7 Day pools we provide the comfort and convenience of a comprehensive pool service providing a good balance between preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance when required.

Therefore we follow a strict regime cleaning and maintaining you pool and inform you immediately if a component require attention .

We remove any physical matter in your pool water. This could be dead leaves, insects, sand or any other foreign object that could have an effect on water balance.
We take chemical measurements of the water and correct any imbalance in your water system. We measure the alkalinity, the hardness and the total dissolved solids and make minor adjustments where required.
Finally we adjust the sanitiser levels to be at optimum levels to destroy pathogens .

7 Day Pool Services

Water circulation & filtration

It is important to maintain good water circulation throughout your filtration system. A system that is performing well distributes chemicals to all areas, preventing dead spots and maintaining a uniform temperature.

Balanced water system

A balanced water system assists with the movement of sanitisers throughout the pool fitration system. It prevents corrosion to pool surfaces, scale build-up or stain forming. This will ensure that your pool water is crystal clear.

Balanced pH

Your pool water should be maintained at the correct pH levels. Correct pH levels assists with sanitiser performance, prolong the life of pool surfaces and equipment.

Balanced Alkalinity

Pool water quality is drastically changed by incorrect alkalinity which has a bounce effect on the entire water system of your pool.

Balanced Calcium hardness

It is an essential element in a balanced pool and helps protect pool surfaces. Water is naturally hunger for calcium and your pool should be kept at the correct levels.

Balanced TDS

The level of Total Dissolved Solids in your pool water should not exceed recommended levels and generally the TDS levels should not be raised.

Water Sanitising

Sanitisers destroy harmfull pathogens & organic matter. Most common sanitiser is chlorine-based products, however other chemical and non-chemical sanitisers are also used.


There is no such thing as "a little algae problem". Prevention of green pool is always better. We have a number of products available to work in your Algicide preventative program.

We make pools sparkle!


We supply a wide range of pool products & chemicals.